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+ bullying on fb..

so like this yr8 or 9 girl that goes to my school apparently uploaded a nude pic of her on facebook and the amount of hate thats being written on her wall omg

its ridiculous, these people that post shit on her wall is like “you’re not even pretty, its fucking disturbing” my thoughts? people like you who comment shit like that aren’t even fucking worth it, thinking you can bring someone down because someone decided to post that sort of thing. Fucking brainless people don’t realise what bullying can do to someone. Sure she may show alot of skin and friggin posted nudes but fuck, what of it? if she thinks she hot,sexy so be it, its no excuse for us to comment and hate on her. She must hate herself plenty by now. 

i wouldnt be fucking surprised if she cut by now.

but hey, i dont like her, frankly i dont even know her so whatever. point is


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  1. actualmorriganのコメント: omfg who? i hate fb so much its disgusting
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